About Us

LOGO de corps is one of the group's leading retail fashion company in Indonesia which has several brands of fashion products and growing in most casual fashion products market share in Indonesia.

LOGO de corps’s success in the world of retail fashion built with persistence and focus on providing quality and best product designs, supported by teams of reliable and the support of partners retail world, we also hope to be able to provide perfection in every brand that we manage.

Starting in 1980, PT Surya MULTI LAKSANA or better known as the Logo De Corps Company seeks to make the formulation of business and begin to launch products with a casual fashion brand 'LOGO' for consumers among adolescent and adult women. Over time the brand 'LOGO' became one of the 'trendsetter' fashion Indonesia.

Seeing an opportunity open enough in years to come for the development of retail business and reach different target markets then we also launched the brand 'Bombboogie' which we made for casual men's among young men and adults, the following year we also launched the fashion casual for among adolescent women with the brand 'Ninety Degrees', do not miss that we also launched casual semi formal fashion products for adult women under the brand 'Bodytalk' which takes a market share of young mothers and adults. Further development of our world continues by providing new colors for Indonesian consumers as well as preparing the latest products and brands that will be launched this year and next.

With more and more brands and retail business development of Logo De Corps then we also are very optimistic about the development of this business, now we have 4 brand fashion 'Logo', 'Bombboogie', 'Nintey Degrees', 'Bodytalk' that will always evolve with the development of Indonesian fashion world.


Our marketing network currently reaches more than 600 outlets scattered throughout Indonesia , supported by a sales force that is reliable and also development teams and the management of more than 2000 people make Logo de corps became one of the foundations for us to reach the market wider .